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Capture every moment of your perfect day, creating memories that will last forever.



We aim to deliever cinematic videos that capture your special day in high resolution. 

We deliever full length videos of the day and highlight videos at your request. 

Our packages come with 2 - 4 highly trained male and female videographers with multiple cameras and industry standard gear. 

Our composers are willing to compose an original romantic score for your video.  

We can also offer photography packages.

Packages start from $2500 AUD 

Gradient Strip
The Wedding of Melissa and Liam
The Wedding of Tristan and Nathan Promo
Koy and Aidan Wedding Promo
Kerryn and Ben wedding promo
Kath and Best Wedding
Kath and Best Wedding

Package One

  • 2x Videographers 

  • 3x Cameras 

  • 1 full length video 

  • 1 highlight video  

  • Delivered on a usb or via online transfer

  • 8 hour coverage

$2500 AUD

Package Two

  • 3x Videographers 

  • 4x Cameras 

  • 1 full length video 

  • 2 highlight video

  • 1x Photographer 

  • Original music in video   

  • Delivered on a DVD with cover design

  • 10 hour coverage

$3500 AUD

Package Three

  • 4x Videographers 

  • 5x Cameras 

  • 1 full length video 

  • 3 highlight video

  • 2x Photographer 

  • Original music in video   

  • Delivered on multiple DVDs with cover design

  • Wedding Pre-shoot

  • 14 hour coverage

$5000 AUD

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