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Taymaynari Productions is divided into two sections of the company:

We specialise in the creation of all manner of media for a broad range of clients, from promotional videos, web advertisements, and live performances, all the way to weddings, short films, feature films, music videos, and voiceovers.
We pride ourselves on delivering content of the highest quality for reasonable rates that don’t break the bank, all the while curating every project individually to adapt and suit your own specific needs.
With over twenty-five years of experience spread throughout our passionate team, we will deliver a product of high, professional quality, and ensure you walk away happy. 

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Videography services from develeopment to final delivery for all your video needs.




Our Film Production Studio that specialises in long and short visual narratives.


Our services include:


•    Pre-production organisation 
•    Hiring Cast and Crew 
•    Location Booking
•    Sourcing any required Art Department 
•    Cinematography/Videography 
•    Editing 
•    Colour Grading 
•    Graphic Design 
•    Sound Design 
•    Music Composition

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