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About Us

Early Days SHorts

Taymaynari Productions ('Tay-may-narr-ie') first came to be in 2012; the result of a fiery passion of managing director Dia Taylor, lit by time spent on her Aunt’s short film sets throughout her high school years.

Having already made a number of short films herself, Dia needed a way to unite her films under one banner, and by combining her own surname and those of her best friends: L. May and T. Furnari, “Taymaynari” was born, along with its original logo: a hand-drawn dragon on a rainbow backdrop.

Taymaynari fired into action quickly, creating a number of original projects under the Taymaynari banner in a guerrilla, home-grown movie style, with short films such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Jane”, “She Walks In Beauty”, and “Broken”, building on skills with each and every project.

taymay original logo.JPG

Taymaynari's Logo origin in 2012.

website 2.jpg

With experience came learning, and over the next couple of years, Taymaynari went through some changes, starting with our logo. With the help of talented graphic designer Ian McCausland, Taymaynari’s image was reimagined as a coat of arms, with the original dragon improved, to reflect resolve and strength. With a new look and a new mission, Taymaynari was launched in 2017 as a fully registered company. Creativity had just become official!


As Taymaynari has taken on greater challenges and larger projects, our team has grown to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry. With a range of driven, versatile cinematographers, production gurus, makeup artists, sound and graphic designers, and even actors, drawn to the Taymaynari team, our clientele has grown increasingly since our founding.

 With short films, feature films, music videos, showreel scenes, and much more behind us by 2020, Taymaynari Productions also began work on not one, but two feature films: “Jett” and “How Deep is The Ocean”, as well as our debut web series “Wanda and Sully.”

We have also shot live performances for bands, including: Stella Collapse, RetroMax, Flat Liner, The Alex Taylor Experience, SnuFF, SHIV-R, Sarah C, Jeremy Costa, Jack Gatto, Dark Cell, Sirus, KidCrusher, Death Of Art, London, The Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra, Sugar and Spice, he Australian Welsh Male Choir, City of Greater Dandenong Band, Black Dime Cabaret.

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