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Callum G Gault

Writer - Actor - Entertainer - Content Creator

The pen is to Callum what the sword is to the knight. Having completed a Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University of Technology, Callum’s background is as an actor and a writer, stretching back to childhood.

Having previously worked as an MC and Entertainer at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, and with a colourful background in acting in film, in features such as “Marital Problems” and the upcoming “Jett”, "Wanda and Sully", and "Disconnected" as well as numerous short films, musical theatre, and video game voiceovers, Callum brings an understanding of performance and personal engagement to his work.

As well as acting, Callum has years of experience in writing. He has, to date, written six short film scripts, and has a feature film script and two novels currently in the works. Callum has applied his writing knowledge to the professional field as well, having created and written content for various projects throughout the film industry, and was even trusted to write Standard Operating Procedure documents in the corporate world (a job that wasn’t even officially his!)

For Taymaynari, Callum brings his talents to the forefront, using his experiences in his efforts as our Casting Manager and Content Creator, bringing his knowledge of story, performance, and crowd engagement to the role.


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