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The Independents is a short web series, with each episode dedicated to a different filmmaker within the independent film circuit. Struggles, passions, creativity, and more; all comes out as these artists are put in front of the camera to discuss their career.

The Independents

Episode One: 
Nick Koniuszko

We have a chat with writer/director and managing director of Ballistic Ink Productions; Nick Koniuszko ,who talks about his love of cinema and zombies!

Episode Two: 
Andrew Walsh

We speak with indie director Andrew Walsh about his laid back attitude, artistic vision and upcoming feature film "How Deep is the Ocean".

Episode Three:
Zev Howley

In this episode, uniquely creative director Zev Howley speaks about his passions and his art.

Episode Four:
Joyce Northey

Here, we speak to film and music video director Joyce Northey, who recalls his cinematic work.

Episode Five:
David Black

We trade words with cult horror director David Black about his gory films and his thoughts on the industry.

Episode Six:
Brett SixtySix

In this episode, we speak to abstract avant-garde filmmaker and owner of The Fitzroy Art Collective: Brett SixtySix.

Episode Seven:
Declan Cole-Flynn

We speak to cinephile and film director Declan Cole-Flynn, who shares his love of movies and stories from his projects.

Episode Eight:
Saara Lamberg

In this episode, we speak to the first female director in our series: auteur Finnish/Australian filmmaker Saara Lamberg.

Episode Nine:
Braeden Kennedy

Animation filmmaker Braeden Kennedy speaks of his artistic passion, and what drew him to animation.

Episode Ten:
Glen Cook

For our tenth episode, we talk to gaffer/filmmaker Glen Cook, who gives his opinion on issues in the industry.

Episode Eleven:
Giovanna Mercuri

This episode sees Locked In Productions founder Giovanna Mercuri shed some light on her mental-health-focused filmography.

Episode Twelve: 
Rebecca Ann Bentley

In this episode, we speak to actress turned director Rebecca Ann Bentley on the vision she brings to her work.

Episode Thirteen:
Scott David Lister

We speak to cinematographer, Godzilla-lover, and internationally experienced filmmaker Scott David Lister about his passions and artistic flow.

Episode Fourteen:
Sean Hellend

After the Covid lockdown break, we speak to Perth original, Melbourne based independent filmmaker and writer Sean Hellend who speaks about his passions.

Episode Fifteen:
Mark Bakaitis

Today we speak to Cult Girls and acclaimed music video director Mark Bakaitis about what drives him and his unique style.

Episode Sixteen:
Daniel Armstrong

In today's episode we speak to 'Sheborg' director and all round chill guy Daniel Armstrong as he tells us about his visions, passions, and film making story. 

Episode Seventeen:
Lisa Habermann

Today we speak to writer/director Lisa Habermann of Back To Goode fame who speaks of her love for telling stories.

Episode Eighteen:
Naomi Lisner

In this episode, we speak to award winning filmmaker and actor Naomi Lisner who talks about her heart felt vision and love of honesty in cinema.

Episode Nineteen:
Jemma Cotter

In today's episode, we are lucky enough to speak to Aunty Donna director Jemma Cotter who talks about her unique take on cinema.

Episode Twenty:
Dia Taylor

In a special episode, we speak to our creator Dia Taylor who gives us a unique insight into her career and passion for storytelling.

Episode Twenty-One:
Sarah Jayne

In this episode, we speak to Australian/Maltease filmmaker Sarah Jayne of 'Daughter' faame who tells us of her filmmaking journey.

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