Honerable Mention

April 2021 

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 

Best Australian Short Film

July 3, 2021 

Sydney Indie Short Festival

Audience Choice Award

July 30, 2021 

Studio 66 Film Nights

Best Zombie Film

August 3, 2021 

New York International Women Festival

Special Mention 

August 2021 

London International Monthly Film Festival

Official Selection

September 2021 

Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

Official Selection

September 2021

Horror Bowl Movie Awards

Official Selection 

September 2021

Spooky Empire's International Horror Film Festival

Best Global Short of the Season

September 2021 

Best Global Shorts

Official Selection 

October 2021 

Shockfest Silver Bullet Virtual Screening

Official Selection 

October 2021 

Fortean Film Festival

Best Zombie Film 

October 2021 

Adbhooture Film Festival

Nominated Best International Supporting Actor: Joshua Heaft 
November 2021 
Prodigy Film Festival 


Nominated Best International Cinematography: Ben Luck & Mark Kenfield 
November 2021 
Prodigy Film Festival 


Nominated Best International Score: Alex J Cseh 
November 2021 
Prodigy Film Festival 


Nominated Best Poster Design
November 2021 
Prodigy Film Festival 

Movie of the Month 

November 2021

Australian Short Film Network

Official Selection 

December 2021 

Megaflix Film Awards


Janurary 2022

Paris Women Festival of Ontario

2nd Place Film of the Year

April 2022

Studio 66 Film Nights

Official Selection 

April 2022 

Flickfair On-Demand Film Festival

Semi Finalist

May 2022 

Tokyo Shorts

Little Miseries


A woman pulls her husband through the end of the world..


Ashlyn Walker - Brooke Moss 

Cole Walker - Kristian Hilton

Bradley Garrison - Vincent Kos

Cassie - Loraine Fabb 

James - Oliver Midson


Director - Dia Taylor 

Writer - Dia Taylor & Jack Brindelli

Creative Consultant - Daniel Bugeja

Executive Producer - Nick Koniuszko

Associate Producer - Guy Jukes 

Co - Producer - Glen Cook 

Cinematographer - Mark Kenfield & Ben Luck 

Composer - Alex .J. Cseh 

Editor - Sebastian Bertoli

Director's Statement

Little Miseries is my interpretation of the guilt for cheating on someone you loved and having it haunt you. 

While Ashlyn gets close to Bradley, unbeknownst to her, Cole destroys himself, tearing his skin to pieces. 
Returning home, she must then carry her guilt with her through the end of the world, manifested in her zombified husband. 

She searches for a cure, for hope that things will go back to how they were, but we all know that there are some things that can't be.  The guilt will eat you alive in the end.

Best Zombie Film -Little Miseries.png
Best Global Short of the Season - Little miseries.png