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CCTV Nasty

Director: Sascha-René Karner

Beans is a former filmmaker turned rough sleeper. He spends his nights watching classic movies through the windows of a city shopfront and befriending pedestrians - until he witnesses the kidnapping of a new acquaintance, a young woman named Irma.
Under the sleepless, unblinking eyes of CCTV, Beans' fears and his fractured mind collide. He finds himself plunged into what he believes to be a genuine horror movie filmed by the city's abundant security cameras - a movie in which he is pursued relentlessly by the villains of his favorite films, and where staying under the gaze of a camera's watchful eye is the only thing between him and a grisly end.

Dragged into Beans' story are his friends and associates, an assortment of the city's homeless - each with their own struggles, ordeals, and ways of surviving the streets.

Among them is Jax, a weary homeless matriarch with a tough exterior but a soft heart, and Arnold, a wily opportunist who craves companionship but only on his own terms.

Although his companions are initially skeptical, there is truth in Beans' madness and before he can be laughed away, the gang is thrown into a tangle of events as the kidnappers Beans witnessed attempt to tie up loose ends.

The gang, spurred on by both Beans' paranoia and the chance to do something good, are joined by sleazy film producer Felix, who promises to bankroll the expedition if only they can provide him with a favour in return. Soon the cryptic clues draw them deeper into a conspiracy involving illicit recordings, abuse and revenge.

The lines between reality and delusion are blurred, and Beans' fears may be true after all. Are there crazed slashers lurking beyond the frame's edge? Is Felix who he says he is? What happens if the cameras look away...?

Is this just the fractured ramblings of a washed-up director - or is there something nastier at play?

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Paul Robertson,  
Tina Currah, Aurnab As-Saber, Jackson McGovern, 


Cinematographer: Scott David Lister

Producers: Sascha-René Karner, Danae Grieef, Dia Taylor

Production Designer: Danae Grieef



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