Timothy Courtman



Timothy is currently completing his Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Drama. Since 2016, he has spent time working as an actor and actively pursues a career in the acting/entertainment industry, a passion Timothy will carry on into the distant future.


Timothy has a slew of upcoming projects, including a significant appearance as the character Joshua in the Independent Feature Film “TKG: The Kids of the Grove”, Directed by Damien Giglietta of 88 to 1 Productions, set to release in 2021. He will also be taking on lead and supporting roles in upcoming feature films “Sea Full of Tears” and “Luna Seven”.


Timothy is well versed in acting crafts and methods, having trained in numerous forms of theatre, from Brecht to Artaud. Throughout his work, he has been fortunate enough to work with some  legendary Australian talents, and with an exciting range of work constantly coming his way, he is definitely one to keep an eye on.