Every creative needs a showreel, and we can help you show the world what you do best


Are you an actor, director or artist of any kind and need a showreel to showcase your work?

Taymaynari Productions pride ourselves in creating and delivering showreels that highlight and inspire. 

Want a video shot for your showreel? We are happy to create the scene from script to screen, or if you're happy just for an edit, we can arrange all with fair and affordable prices.

Prices and Packages

Just The Edit

Do you have all the footage and just want it edited?  This is the package for you. 

Once you supply the footage as video files via either a usb or online file transfer service (Googledrive, WeTransfer, Dropbox), our team will edit your videos together to your instructions. 

Many of our team members are casting professionals themselves and create a showreel they would cast. 

Edits will be completed within 24 hours and delivered back at high quality via an online transfer system.  

We require a 50% deposit up front and a fianl 50% payment after completion before handover. 

$100 AUD

Just The Video

Do you want one or two brand new videos to add to your reel but can't get footage back from your projects?

We're here to help!

From script to screen, we will create videos in a style of your choice that highlight your skill. 

Can't find anyone to act along side with? we will find the perfect co-star for you!

From script to screen, the process takes roughly a week and we aim to deliver cinematic stories. 

We offer a range of different packages depending on what sort of video you are after:

Solo monologue

A video starring just you  


$300 AUD


Acting with co-stars 

A video starring yourself and another actor 

$450 AUD


Highest quality video 

A video of your choice shot with a high quality camera, lighting, sound gear, and a full film crew.

$1000 AUD

Edit + Video

Want a video shot and your showreel to be edited?

Two packages in one?

We're happy to help!

Just choose your video package and add $50 to it for the edit! 

Solo monologue & edit

A video starring just you with an edited showreel  


$350 AUD


Acting with co-stars & edir 

A video starring yourself and another actor with an edited showreel

$550 AUD


Highest quality video & edit 

A video of your choice shot with a high quality camera, lighting, sound gear, and a full film crew + an edited showreel

$1050 AUD


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