Benji Wragg

Producer - Writer - Director - Actor

Bennie (or Benji) Wragg is one of Taymaynari's talented Production Managers. Having completed his theatre studies at Deakin University, Bennie has gone on to experiment and excel in a number of fields.


Bennie has had a successful run with theatre. His accomplishments include co-founding Sneakyville Theatre Company, which recently had its original production "Esoteric" as part of the Wellington Fringe Festival. He also took part in the Escapees' Theatre Company production "Trailer Trash". Bennie is currently working with Sneakyville on a new verbatim production called "Crush with Me", due to perform at Melbourne Fringe 2020 and Hillsing Live Festival 2020.

Bennie is also a key member of the podcast show "The Mellow Dramatics", discussing all things weird and quirky in the world of theatre, as well as his film production company, Crazy Moo Productions, which has a wide catalogue of films available to watch on YouTube.

With such a colourful background and wide array of skills, Bennie is a valued member of the Taymaynari team.